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Real estate is my passion so please reach out if you’d like to chat about the local market! 😃 🏡
Buying locally grown “farm to table” food helps support local farmers and small businesses in our community. Here’s some food for thought:

🥗 Transporting food long distances is detrimental to the environment as it requires extra packaging and fuel emissions.

🥗 With no need for long-distance travel, produce is picked at peak freshness so it's loaded (pardon the pun) with taste.

🥗 Buying locally grown food helps protect farmland and wildlife from sprawling urban development.

🥗 Many communities have agricultural groups that provide a weekly box of fresh, locally grown produce that can oftentimes be delivered right to your door! Where’s your local “go-to” for fresh produce?
If you work from home but don’t have any room for a home office, consider transforming one of your closets into a cozy office space! 👍
Please reach out if you ever have any questions about renting vs. buying in this market – I’m always happy to help! 🏡
Moving day is stressful enough so “get a handle on things” by using a box cutter to cut out handles on the sides of your boxes so that they’re easier to carry! 📦💡📦
If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, would you prefer “living the dream” in a French chateau or an Italian villa? 🇫🇷 🤩 🇮🇹
How does your home make you feel?
The dog days of summer are finally here so it’s the perfect time to create a dog-friendly backyard for your four-legged friend!

✅ Fencing First
Make sure that your fence and gates are in good condition and that they’re low enough so that your pup can’t escape.

✅ Potty Patrol
Dogs love patrolling the yard to protect their territory so create a pathway that leads them around the yard to a private out-of-the-way potty spot!

✅ Play Place
If dogs are bored, they may start digging or barking so create some obstacles for them to explore or even a small agility course to keep them entertained.

✅ Shady Shelter
Dogs love to lounge in the sun but they also need a shaded area to cool down in. A nice spot under a tree works well and a kiddie pool will win you extra points!
When buyers drive by your home, they’ll usually try to catch a glimpse of the backyard so make sure it also gets top-notch treatment! 🤩
There’s no getting around it – home renos can be stressful! Here are 4 things you can do to help things go more smoothly:

✅ Plan Ahead
Pre-prep freezer meals for quick & easy homemade dinners.

✅ Communicate Clearly
Misunderstandings between contractors (and spouses!) can cause unnecessary stress.

✅ Kidding Around
Set aside some toys for the kids and schedule some local outings to escape the chaos.

✅ Be Flexible
Agree in writing on a completion date but try to be somewhat flexible as delays are common.
Hopefully these tips will stop those pesky mosquitoes from bugging you this summer! 🦟 🌿
Sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive valuable real estate tips so that you’ll be prepared when you’re ready to make a move! 📊 🏡
These simple tips will help ensure your lawn’s a cut above the rest this summer! ☀️
What have you got growing on in your garden this year? 🌻 🍅
Replacing your boring old faded numbers with a fresh new number plate is something you should address (pardon the pun) as it can make a huge difference!

It’s the first thing buyers will notice when they’re looking for your home and adding them is as easy as 1-2-3! 😄 🔢
Our local small businesses are a pivotal part of our community so give a supportive shoutout to a local small business that you love! 🛍️ #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness
Multigenerational family households are making a huge comeback as they provide common sense solutions to a variety of social and financial obstacles. Would you ever consider moving back in with your family? 🤔
If you get these jobs out of the way early, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the lazy days of summer! ☀️
Happy first day of summer! If you’re looking to buy or sell a home this summer, please reach out! 🌞 ⛱️ #firstdayofsummer
If you’re working on a sloping surface with tools such as a measuring tape or a drill, wrap a few rubber bands around them to help them stay put! 🪛🔧
Cutting your lawn is an easy way to instantly add curb appeal! 🏡

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