Food for Thought

Buying locally grown “farm to table” food helps support our amazing local farmers!
farmers market

Supporting local businesses has been extremely important to our community over the past few years.

Buying locally grown “farm to table” food also helps support our amazing local farmers. Here’s some food for thought on buying locally-grown produce:


Minimizing the time from the farm to the table ensures that fruits and vegetables retain the maximum amount of nutrients.


Transporting food long distances is detrimental to the environment as it requires extra packaging and increased emissions from fuel.


With no need for long-distance travel, produce is picked at peak freshness so it’s loaded with taste, pardon the pun.


Buying locally grown food helps protect farmland and wildlife from sprawling urban development.


Many neighbourhoods have agricultural groups that provide a weekly box of fresh, locally grown produce that can oftentimes be delivered right to your door!

So there you have it – buying local is miles better! For a fun day out, visit a “pick your own” fruit farm. Not only will you be able to eat the tastiest fruit around but you’ll also help support our hardworking farmers and local businesses.

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