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Chuck Gulyas - RE/MAX Real Estate

"I've been using your newsletter service for around a year now and I think it's an excellent tool that helps me keep in touch with my ever growing database of leads. I had a lead from a couple a while back so I sent them a few listings but they never followed up. I gave up on them but then they responded to my newsletter six months later when they arrived in town. I never would have heard from these people again had it not been for the newsletter. I sold them a house that resulted in a $3,800 commision. This means that your service has already paid for itself a dozen times over!"

Tina Torok - RE/MAX Twin City Realty

"I had a call today from a very new client who said that my newsletter is great, not complicated and clean.....easy to read and he really enjoys them. He also said that not too many agents would go through all this trouble of creating a newsletter. He asked me to meet him, he manages a retirement home and he wants to give out my cards for potential business leads!"


Pat Tristram - Tristram Realty Assoc Inc.

"This afternoon I received an email from a past client that had received the newsletter asking us to meet with them to discuss their downsizing plans etc.  It had been 10 years since we last worked with them."

Armand Gilks - Bosley Real Estate

Armand Gilks - Bosley Real Estate

"I have been using your newsletter for over a year now and am very pleased with the regular feedback I get every time my clients receive it. It’s a great way to keep in touch with my clients and prospects, and very professional. I am particularly pleased with the ease of use. Not only can I add my own articles and listings, but I can easily edit the standard articles if I feel that I want to say something a little differently. On top of all this, your customer service is great."

Carly Hansher

Carly Hansher - Bosley Real Estate

"I love how easy your newsletter is to use and that it includes Toronto real estate market stats which is what my clients are really after. I'm excited to say that it has already put me back in touch with an old client who is now listing her property with me and she also plans on putting an offer in on a new place tomorrow!! Thanks so much for everything Russ!"

Carrie Giffin

Carrie Giffen - Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty

"Your newsletter helps me to easily keep in touch with my clients so when they’re ready to make a move, I’m the first agent that springs to mind. I am impressed with the abundance of valuable home tips offered to clients covering all levels of their sale or purchase. I find this service extremely valuable, being that I do not have the time to compose a newsletter each month to send out to all my current, past and potential clients."

Chuck Pearce

Chuck Pearce - Keller Williams Elite Realty

"I’ve been so impressed by your service that I told my “Coach” at the Keller Williams training session yesterday about your newsletter and the Facebook management. He asked me to forward your contact info to him, which I did. He is going to pass it along to roughly fifteen to twenty realtors who have joined their brokerage in the last six months."


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