The Gift of the Gab

Starting a conversation with someone you just met can be intimidating, especially if you don't know what to say.
people holding up speech bubbles

Over the past few years, our social game has taken a bit of a hit due to lockdowns, social distancing and a lack of events and get-togethers.

Making conversation can be daunting if you can’t think of anything to say but these helpful tips will have you filling up awkward silences and chatting up a storm in no time:

You Name It

When you’re introduced to someone, use their name right away as people love to hear their name and by saying it out loud you’re more likely to remember it.

Mirror Mirror

Always maintain eye contact to show you’re interested, nod your approval every now and then and mirror their gestures to make them feel more comfortable.

Be Open Ended

Ask questions as people love to talk about themselves but try to always make sure that they’re open-ended questions so that the answers aren’t just yes or no.

Listen Learned

Rather than worrying about how to respond, listen carefully to what others are saying so that you’ll be able to provide a more natural response when there’s a break in the conversation.

Weather the Storm

We may think it’s boring to start a conversation with small talk such as the weather, but it can relax you enough to start a more meaningful conversation.

Common Ground

Try and find similarities between you and the other person and build upon them. It could be as simple as a hobby you share, friends you have in common or the fact that you live in the same area.

Smile & Be Positive

Most individuals are drawn to positive people so stand tall, smile wide and keep your conversation upbeat instead of sharing your worries and woes right off the bat.

Making conversation is actually really easy — you just need the confidence to pull it off. Instead of awkwardly fidgeting when you’re introduced to someone, try to relax, listen carefully and most importantly, just be yourself!

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