The Birds & the Bees

Turn your backyard into a peaceful sanctuary that buzzes with activity.
backyard flowers

Creating a haven in your garden for birds, bees and butterflies takes a little planning but it’s well worth the effort. The following tips will help you turn your backyard into a natural wildlife sanctuary:

Au Naturel

Avoid using pesticides and other harmful chemicals as they can cause harm to backyard wildlife.

Water Works

Install a bird bath or water fountain for your feathered friends to bathe and drink from.

Food & Shelter

Trees and shrubs that bear fruit, nuts and berries not only provide food but also offer shelter.

Bloom Boom

Butterflies are attracted to shades of pink, orange, yellow, red, purple and blue while butterfly larvae feed on dill, fennel and milkweed.

Flower Power

Bees are always busy collecting pollen! Bee balm, echinacea, snapdragon and hostas are some of the flowers they love the most!

Sun Seekers

Butterflies like sunny locations that are sheltered from the wind. A few flat stones will give them a place to rest while warming in the sun.

There’s nothing like lounging around in your very own backyard, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. With just a few small changes, you can easily transform your garden into a thriving sanctuary for all to enjoy!

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