Ho Ho Home Staging for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to stage your home with a subtle festive flare!
christmas window

Decorating your home for the holidays is a fun, festive tradition but if your home’s on the market, it’s important that buyers are still able to imagine themselves living there.

Here are a few staging tips to help make sure your home doesn’t appear too cramped or cluttered during this festive time of year:

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Leave the huge inflatable Santa in the garage this year. A simple strand of lights and a tasteful wreath on the front door is all you need to enhance your curb appeal.

Grand Entrance

Entranceways are usually quite cramped and dark, especially in the winter, so remove any unnecessary items and ensure you have adequate lighting.

Dim Down the Decor

Keep decorations to a minimum as they’ll make your home appear cluttered and don’t ever place decorations over any unique, architectural features.

Trim the Tree

A huge tree full of ornaments can make a room feel cramped so consider something smaller with soft white lights and a few tasteful decorations.

Pillow Talk

Pillows are an easy way to set the tone so add some holiday cheer by strategically placing a few Christmas-themed pillows to evoke a warm and inviting theme.

Warm & Cozy

If the weather outside is frightful, turn your thermostat up so that buyers will be warm and cozy. If you have a fireplace, make sure to light it up for the ultimate effect!

Wrap It Up

Put away the wrapping paper, tape and ribbons before showings. Don’t just stuff them in your closet though as buyers usually peek in cupboards to see how spacious they are.

Holiday Cheer

Seasonal treats such as hot apple cider and holiday cookies will delight the senses and give your home a welcoming feel. It may also encourage buyers to stick around a little longer!

Sound of Music

Put on some soft, seasonal music in the background to help set a relaxing tone that will make buyers want to linger so they can imagine having their next Christmas in your home!

Although there are fewer buyers during this busy time of year, they’re usually much more serious and very motivated. There also aren’t as many listings to compete with, which gives you an edge!

Your home will show beautifully during the holiday season if you use a few tasteful decorations to help highlight its best features. Just be sure to not go overboard so that buyers aren’t overwhelmed or distracted.

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