YOU’VE GOT TO (HAVE A) LIST TO LAST: The Quality of Your Content Counts

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I’m sure you’ve heard the term “You’ve got to list to last” and it’s very true – especially in this market. I have a bit of a different spin on it though. My motto is “You’ve got to HAVE A list to last”. Aside from a few banged-up lockboxes and some rusty old open house […]

Turn Dead Leads Into Deals

Continuously following up with prospects can be exhausting. You know you shouldn’t give up on them because they have the potential to eventually turn into a $13,645 commission but, more often than not, they’re put on the back burner and forgotten about. It’s important to consistently follow-up with prospects who aren’t ready to act right […]

No News is Good News

A client contacted me the other day to cancel his newsletter😢 He felt it was a waste of time because he never really heard back from anyone. The reality is though that people rarely reply to newsletters. I never reply to any of the newsletters I receive but I remember the person sending them and […]