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A client contacted me the other day to cancel his newsletter😢 He felt it was a waste of time because he never really heard back from anyone.

The reality is though that people rarely reply to newsletters. I never reply to any of the newsletters I receive but I remember the person sending them and when I’m ready to act, they’ll be the first person I contact.

The same thing goes for this newsletter. I hardly ever receive a reply but I know it works as I consistently watch long-term subscribers turn into clients. Without the newsletter, I’d have definitely lost touch and also lost the sale.

I urged my valued client to reconsider as it’s so incredibly important to consistently keep in touch with your contacts each month but there was no swaying him.

He had nearly 300 subscribers that he was now going to turn his back on but what’s worse is that without a newsletter, it’d be impossible for him to continue building his list as he’d have nothing to subscribe them to.

They say that “the money’s in the list” and on average, each active subscriber is worth around $1 a month. With an average open rate of 25%, he would be making around $75 a month from his list!

Instead of cancelling our service to save $37 a month, he’ll actually be losing $38 a month. If you want to more accurately try to figure out how much each one of your subscribers is worth, check out the email subscriber value calculator.

The moral of the story is, don’t get discouraged if you never hear back from your subscribers. Just know that they’re constantly aware of you and that when the time finally comes for them to buy or sell, you’ll be the first person they turn to.

If you already use our newsletter service, consider customizing every once in a while with your own content to give it a bit of extra personality. If you don’t use our newsletter, now’s the perfect time to get started as there’s no setup fee and the first month is just $1.


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