Hyperlocal Content For Your Real Estate Newsletter

Adding hyperlocal content to your newsletter will make a huge difference to your open rate!

Your client list is your most important asset but in order for it to hold its value, you have to consistently keep in touch.

The best way to consistently reach out to your list each month is with an electronic newsletter.

It’s really important that your content’s engaging though; otherwise, your subscribers will stop reading your monthly real estate newsletter and they’ll eventually unsubscribe.

Hyperlocal content is key when it comes to keeping your readers engaged. In fact, if it’s done right, your subscribers will genuinely look forward to receiving your newsletter each month!

People want to know what’s going on in and around their community so here’s why adding a few quick  lines of hyperlocal content will make such a huge difference:

It Speaks to Them

People love to hear about fun, local community events and activities that they can enjoy – especially these days – so they’ll genuinely look forward to your newsletter each month to see what’s going on!

Forward Thinking

Your readers are much more likely to forward your newsletter off to friends and family which helps get your name out there and gives you a good shot at earning their business down the road!

Local Expert

Your shared community spirit will help strengthen your personal connection to your subscribers and you’ll start to be seen as the trusted local expert when it comes to both real estate and the community.

List to Last

Your subscriber list, which is your most valuable asset, will consistently grow as you’re offering valuable content that your readers will genuinely look forward to! Building your list should be your number one priority as the larger your list, the larger your pool of clients.

Each month, I look forward to receiving my city councillor’s newsletter because it contains details on various local events that I can enjoy with my family. It’s such a valuable resource that I regularly forward it to others in my community.

Coming up with hyperlocal content such as local events isn’t always easy though, especially nowadays, so here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

Community Events

People are always looking for things to do on the weekend so share details on local events such as Halloween attractions or pop-up markets. There aren’t as many events going on at the moment but that makes it all the more important to share them.

Local Market Stats

People love to know how the market’s doing as well as where it might be headed, so be sure to include the latest stats from your local real estate board.

Charitable Events

Use your newsletter to help promote upcoming charitable events such as the one we did recently for the Ottawa Shoebox Project. Not only will you look like a star, but you’ll also be helping those in need!

Local Businesses

Share details on an amazing local business or even a hidden gem of a restaurant. The business owners will be extremely grateful and will likely mention your service in return!

Developing Stories

Let people know about any upcoming real estate developments that may be taking place in your area. People love to have inside information that others don’t, especially when it comes to something as intriguing as real estate.

Local Trivia

Consider hosting a local trivia contest each month that rewards the winner with a $50 gift certificate from a local shop! That way each month, you can reveal the answer to the previous month’s question and also announce last month’s winner before asking a new question.

Historical Local Photos

If you’re able to get your hands on some old photos that show what your main street used to look like 100 years ago, they’ll be well-received as they’re very sharable and will inspire loads of feedback!

Community Announcements

The city usually announces the beginning and end dates of certain seasonal programs such as leaf collection or when the local skating rinks open up so this would be useful information to share with your subscribers.

Your entire newsletter doesn’t have to be full of content that’s hyperlocal as you’ll still want to include other, more generic, real estate articles that your readers will enjoy but it’s very important that your newsletter has a genuine feel.

It’s usually the small things you do that can make a huge difference to your business so even a few lines of local content will help your newsletter stand out.

That said, constantly coming up with content can be a challenge so we offer a monthly real estate newsletter where you can easily customize the articles to give them a more local feel. We even offer some regionally specific newsletters that include hyperlocal content.

A well-written newsletter can turn you into the dominant agent in your area. If you’ve been meaning to send out a hyperlocal real estate newsletter to your clients each month, now’s the time to move forward as the $50 set-up fee is being waived.

P.S. Our real estate newsletters can now be shared as individual articles on social media which means instead of sharing the entire newsletter once per month, you can now share an article each week!


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