Turn Dead Leads Into Deals

Continuously following up with prospects can be exhausting. You know you shouldn’t give up on them because they have the potential to eventually turn into a $13,645 commission but, more often than not, they’re put on the back burner and forgotten about.

It’s important to consistently follow-up with prospects who aren’t ready to act right away. You need to have the patience to nurse them to maturity; otherwise, when they’re finally ready to act, they’ll end up “doing the deed” (pardon the pun) with someone else.

When I was an agent, I subscribed everyone I could to my newsletter. That way, if they ever went cold, I’d automatically still be in touch each month. When they were finally ready, months or even years later, they’d reply with a personal message thanking me for not giving up on them.

Oftentimes, I usually had no clue who they were but one thing was for sure; if I hadn’t taken a few seconds to subscribe them to my monthly newsletter, they likely would’ve bought from that pesky, no good agent from down the road, and I’d be out $17,645 🙁

Follow-up is everything but sadly, it’s often overlooked. That said, there’s nothing easier than typing someone’s name and email address into your system and then sitting back and waiting for them to mature, yet most agents fail to take this incredibly easy step.

Prospects are out there every day waving their hands in the air with thousands of dollars in them saying “pick me, pick me”. Ignoring them just doesn’t make any sense but, as crazy as it seems, that’s what most agents do as they’re either short-sighted or just plain lazy. Someone’s gonna eventually sell them a home — it may as well be you!

The trick to flourishing in real estate is to invest in your business and, most importantly, think long-term! It’s easy to be successful when the market’s strong but most agents starve when times turn tough because they took things for granted and didn’t properly prepare. A strong, ever-growing list of subscribers will ensure your success in even the darkest of days.

We’ve been providing real estate agents with newsletters since 2003. The process is effortless as they come ready to go with amazing content but if you like, you can add your own content as well. We even take care of delivery!

If you plan on being in business a year from now, you need to get a newsletter today! Now’s the perfect time as we’re currently waiving the $50 set-up fee and throwing in your 2nd month for free!

Don’t let this be another thing you put off. If you take charge today, I promise you that your real estate career will quickly transform into the successful business you’ve always dreamed of!


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