No More Wallpaper Woes

Wallpaper used to be all the rage, and it’s starting to make a comeback!
woman removing wallpaper

You can now buy peel & stick wallpaper that’s a breeze to put up and just as easy to take down!

This new type of wallpaper is a great way to quickly create a stunning accent wall. It’s also perfect for covering up “problem walls” that are starting to show cracks and other imperfections.

If you’ve got some of the older-style wallpaper hanging around your home that you’re looking to get rid of, here are a few environmentally friendly solutions that’ll help you easily scrape and peel it away:

Hot Vinegar

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and hot water. Use a paint roller or large brush to apply the solution to your wallpaper.

Soften It Up

Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of fabric softener and hot water and spray it evenly on the wallpaper.

Wash It Away

Mix 1 part dishwashing liquid and 3 parts warm water. Make sure to use a dishwashing liquid that includes a degreaser.

Once the wallpaper has been removed, wash the walls with warm water and let them dry thoroughly before painting them or hanging your new peel & stick wallpaper.

If you do it right, that old ugly wallpaper can be easily removed, so if you find the home of your dreams but it’s buried under a layer of hideous wallpaper, don’t let it deter you from putting in an offer!

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