A Complete Waste of Space

Buyers are always looking for more space so when selling your home, it's important to squeeze more storage out of your home by making every inch count!

People are putting a high value on storage these days so every square inch counts! Here are a few easy ways to add more storage space to your home:

Hallway Helper

Space is often tight in the entryway of a home so hang an organizer over the back of your hallway closet to hide items such as hats, scarves and the dog leash.

Store More

Vertical organizers such as rolling carts or shelves that slide into skinny spots are an easy and inexpensive way to boost storage space.

Sleep Easy

It’s important that bedrooms be clutter-free in order to create a calming atmosphere. Under-the-bed storage boxes are a great way to hide away items that are rarely used.

Awkward Areas

Awkward corners of the home such as a recessed area, a corner nook or an alcove are great spots to incorporate shelves and cubbies.

Furniture Finds

Vintage finds such as old trunks or chests can double up as end tables while also allowing you to store items such as blankets and pillows.

Closet Clean

If you’re planning on selling, remove at least half of the items from your closets and cupboards in order to make them appear larger. Also, get rid of anything that’s sitting on your closet floors.

Buyers can never get enough storage space so if they see your closets and cupboards bursting at the seams, they may start to think that maybe your home isn’t big enough.

Some of the above points may seem obvious but they’re often overlooked. Decluttering and adding more storage will bring harmony to your living space and it’ll definitely pay off if you’re planning on putting your home on the market.

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